Matches the crowd with companies and provides
direct, two way,real time and accurate data 

to monitor performance

Companies are unable to obtain real time and statistically validated information about the external performance metrics required
to monitor brand health and execution quality, and thus fail to meet market demand and cease operations.


Retail Audit

made easy with technology

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Provides all 4 required conditions for accurate
management decisions


Even if every person is sharing a repetition of known truths, his/her personal opinion must be taken into account.


One person’s opinion should remain independent of those around them (and should not be influenced by anyone else) .


Anyone should be able to make their own opinion based on their individual and local knowledge.


There should be able a system to aggregate individual opinions into one collective decision.

Major advantages that Crowdvalid offers

x3 Speed
  • Real time reporting

  • Real time monitoring

  • Faster reaction time to market

  • Real time requests

  • Less number of meetings

Data precision
  • Validated by crowd

  • Statistically relevant

  • Doubtless

  • Live & Online

50% Saving
  • Cut research budgets

  • Save management time

  • Minimize paper costs

  • Optimize headcount


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